Heidi McRae offers lessons and training programs in Santa Cruz

The McRae Stables training focus is on confidence. Confidence for the horse and rider. We focus on building confidence, so the overall experience is safe, positive and fun! Horsemanship and sportsmanship are the important elements of our program..

Our lesson program is designed to introduce children and adults to horses... at their own pace... while a lesson is restricted to an hour, it is not a one-size-fits-all program and since all people learn differently, please allow us to do what you hire us to do... be safe, comfortable and confident with horses. A one hour lesson is $70.00

(408) 859-8504

Email: moc.selbatSeaRcM@gniniart

"My experience with McRae Stables has been beyond excellent. Heidi is a perceptive and careful teacher for me and a sympathetic and experienced trainer for my horse. She is an excellent communicator, an outstanding horsewoman and an easy person to work with. Although she does not hesitate to tell me when I am making a mistake, she has a joyful, generous manner that makes both me and my horse want to do our best."

Lisa Ortiz, Client

McRae Stables