"My experience with McRae Stables has been beyond excellent. Heidi is a perceptive and careful teacher for me and a sympathetic and experienced trainer for my horse. She is an excellent communicator, an outstanding horsewoman and an easy person to work with. Although she does not hesitate to tell me when I am making a mistake, she has a joyful, generous manner that makes both me and my horse want to do our best."

Lisa Ortiz, Client

"When I moved my horse to Heidi, my goal was to get him fit enough to have a good retirement. He had had a colic surgery, and although he recovered from the colic and was still working and living in a show barn, a year later he was dull coated and sad eyed, sore footed, and had lost his top line. He was having regular small colics and was taking multiple medications. I thought his working days were over and just wanted him to get healthy enough to live in a pasture safely. I knew Heidi would treat him kindly, and he would enjoy living in a beautiful place.

Within months at McRae Stables, Sly was off his ulcer medications, dapple coated, muscled, and willing. His neck was arched and his back didnít sag. He was showing off in the arena and was a favorite in the barn (and knew it). And Heidi was urging me to get back in the saddle, despite my own health problems. She has been a wonder worker for both of us. We have, with any luck, many fun years ahead of us, in the arena and on the trail."

Kathryn Henkens, Client

"Training with Heidi McRae has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me as a rider. Heidi has the ability to see a rider's potential, and bring it out of hiding. Her teaching methods are reminiscent of biofeedback, in that the rider learns to become more mindful and aware of how her/his subtle actions affect the synergy between horse and rider. I hold Heidi in the highest esteem - she is a true expert and a bona fine horsewoman with heart! I look forward to a bright future in the saddle as I continue to train with McRae Stables."

Sara Balder, Client

"The most remarkable, and appealing, aspect of McRae Stables is Heidiís gift as a teacher and trainer. Heidi was quick to read my strengths and weaknesses as a rider and just as quick to size up the right way to handle me, as a person, through the difficult days of bringing my horse around. She is consistent and sensitive, deliberate about when she pushes me, without either underestimating or over-facing me. And she has done an equally impressive job of reading my horse, always looking for ways to help him be right, inventive and intelligent about how to redirect his enthusiasm, never frustrated or punitive. Horses love her, and go beautifully for her, and its easy to see why. I trust Heidi absolutely."

Ticien, Client

McRae Stables